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Making a Remlok Space Helmet - Part 9

Making a Remlok Space Helmet - Part 9

With my new supply of clear resin, I had printed the second half of the front visor. Now I needed to sand and polish the section before resin-welding the two halves together.

This involved a number of ever increasing grit sandpaper and a large bowl of water. Wet sanding has the added advantage of keeping the resin dust from killing me. Which is nice.

I then kicked off the second half of the rear dome printing, to run overnight.

While that was printing, I welded the front sections at last.

This is going to need more sanding before it's finished.

Next morning the rear dome had completed printing, so after removing all the supports and washing and curing the part, I then taped it to the other half to hold it in place while resin-welding. This time I sanded AFTER welding, for a cleaner finish.

The result so far is pretty good. I am now waiting for some drill sanding attachments with a range of sanding grits from 80 to 3000 (very very fine). I am going to test these on the rear dome and if successful, apply them to the front visor too.

Currently the helmet is all welded together, so I am now turning to the electronics. I plan to put blue LEDs in the ear muff and an LED strip under the cross piece.

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