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No stats wipe before release

Confirmed as of 8th December!

Good news. We get to keep our lovely money after release!

Originall posted by Edward Lewis:-

Hi guys,

This is just a quick update to confirm that there won't be a wipe at launch.

Any questions (I'm sure you've got 'em ;) ) put them in the thread below, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Something for the weekend

After getting my Lakon type-6, I racked up cash quite quickly, so I blew 1.5M CR on my "Weekend ride" a Viper with some personal touches..

All the internals are class A except the thrusters - need another 550K to upgrade them and I have my eye on some 500K gimballed D2 beam lasers, but she's a beast in combat. I was interdicted on Sunday by a Anaconda (Dangerous) and took it down on my own. Got down to 34% hull, but the 63K bounty was worth the effort. I think I have the bullet cost/bounty ratio about right.

Viper Mk 3 with Union Jack paintjob

Frame shift driver interdictor, Frame shift wake scanner, Warrant scanner, 2 x E1 gimballed beam lasers and 2 x F2 Multi-cannons.

Class A power generator, power distributor and Frame Shift Drive give me 13.44Lyr range - this'll go up a little when I get the A thrusters as they're lighter.

Obviously I still have the Lakon Type-6 and swap back for trading. Home base is LHS 3295.

Gamma 1.05 is live

Interested in the "user presence" fix - what can we see of each other in/out of super-cruise now?

Hi everyone,

Gamma 1.05 is now live. The change log is as follows:

Crash Fixes
- Fix for crash seen during processing of the render queue

Tweaks and general fixes
- Fix for sudden Starport rotation jumps
- Fix for game time getting out of sync between clients
- Fix for multiple stars having same system address
- Fix for not being able to purchase ships even when player has enough money tied up in their current ship to part exchange
- Added resource loading failure reports
- Added telemetry to help investigate why resource overlays sometimes get into a dead state

Server updates
- Players should once again be eligible for their own stock allocation of rare goods instead of sharing one with everybody shopping at that Station
- Outfitting shops throughout inhabited space should now stock a greater variety of internal modules
- Start creating news articles when minor factions change state in response to Commanders' actions and inactions.
- Minor improvements to server reliability, user presence and matchmaking