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Federal Dropship blueprint

This is the blueprint for the Core Dynamics Federal Dropship. The dropship is a workhorse military transport. Far from agile, it is well armed and tough.

This ship requires the Federal Navy rank of Midshipman for a player to purchase it in the game.

First introduced in version 1.1 Community Goals expansion.

1.4 Close Quarters Combat Championship Update


cqcc_smallAfter the various announcements so far at GamesCom 2015 we know a lot more about the forthcoming CQCC add-on to Elite: Dangerous and the other content being added.

We've heard a lot about it and that it will be a (short) Xbox One exclusive.

When is being released?

September, first on the Xbox and then on the PC a day or two later. The Beta for 1.4 has been confirmed for September 1st!


What else is in the update?

  • Player factions are being added to the game. Groups of players can have their own faction and homeworld and (if they want) work up influence to make themselves a Power.
  • The mission system is getting some love.
  • Legal salvage missions are coming, so you can grab booty on the right side of the law.
  • Delivery, courier and smuggling will gain long range variants that can set destinations from tens to hundreds of light years away for long haul missions.
  • A new variant on the massacre mission will have higher numbers and greater time for a more sustained strike against the mission target.
  • An even more hazardous extraction site has been added to provide a more dangerous environment.
  • Changes to the background simulation are being made around systems changing from war / civil war states and also around population and political stability based on population size.
  • Frontier has confirmed that assets from CQC will be included in the main game.

What new ships will there be?

The Imperial Eagle

A variant of the Eagle with a larger power generator, higher straight line speed, a medium hard-point on top and a less agile flight model.

Federal Dropship Mark II "Federal Assault Ship"

An improved combat model of it's predecessor. A more agile flight model and two medium plus two large hard-points (instead of four medium and one large) this is at the expense of some internals space.

Federal Gunship

And finally the Federal Gunship which will have two small hard-points, four medium hard-points and one large hard-point. This will be a large ship and with those seven weapon hard-points, will be the second best armed ship in the game after the Anaconda. While similar to the dropship in shape, it has delta wings at the back, more like a Vulture and what appear to be folding fins at the front. Much has been made of the large hatch visible on the underside. It looks like the Anaconda's landing bay hatch.


Ship prices drop on Federal Dropship, Vulture and Fer-de-lance

sm_costsYep, there’s a sale on!

As of 4.45pm this afternoon, the major combat role ships of the game just got more affordable.

After listening to the community about the difficulty of raising the funds needed to purchase the upper end of the combat ships, Frontier have dropped the prices of the Federall Dropship and the new Fer-de-lance and the Vulture.
If you had one of these ships already, you will have been refunded the difference.

Federal Dropship 47% OFF!


Was 36,969,990 CR
Now 19,814,205 CR

Fer-de-lance 50% OFF!


Was 102,232,230 CR
Now 51,567,040 CR

Vulture 76% OFF!


Was  21,689,629 CR
Now  4,925,615 CR