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Cobra Mk III blueprint

This is the blueprint for the Faulcon DeLacy Cobra Mk III. The iconic ship of Elite and the best multipurpose ship in the game.

First introduced in version 0.1 Alpha. The ship pre-dates stations in the game!

Thanks to CMDR Aidan Abacus & the CMDRs of www.elitedangerous.de for German translations. Thanks to CMDR Nicou, CMDR Aymerix & CMDR Duita Rider of www.elite-dangerous.fr for French translations.

English Version 1920x1080 4096x2305

Deutsche Version 1920x1080 4096x2305

Version Française 1920x1080 4096x2305

The Blueprints are coming, the Blueprints are coming!

After completing the ship size comparison chart update, I had some - well, less than positive feedback. So as per moany-pants the reddit poster's request, I'm doing some light-detail blueprint style diagrams. This'll take a fair amount of time to do, but what the hell! It's only my marriage right?

I got started today with some basic styling.

UPDATE: Added front view as well, so all dimensions are covered.

Shield recharge times in Elite: Dangerous

shields_thumbAfter a bit more research I have found some of the theory behind shield recharging.

The value of 0.9 MJ/s on a 3E Power Distributor on a Cobra is the rate at which systems recharge shields. The default shield generator is a 4E with 93.58 MJ total strength. In theory therefore, a 4E shield should take 104 seconds (93.58 / 0.9) to recharge.
A class 3A Power Distributor pumps out 1.3 MJ/s, so the same shield with an A rated distributor should take 72 seconds.

Until I’ve tested this theory, I cannot be certain, but it follows that the increase in shield from the boosters would make the recharge time increase based on your power distributor’s ability to fill it back up.

Shield recharge times
Boosted shield recharge times

As you can see, if this is correct, the Cobra with 4A Shields and a 3A Power Distributor should recharge in 97 seconds. With a 0A Shield Booster, the shields are raised to 150.6MJ so will then take 116 seconds to recharge on the same ship (19% longer).

My Fer-De-Lance with 5A Shield Generator, 6A Power Distributor and four 0B Shield Boosters will therefore take four minutes and three seconds to restore shields!

My next quiz question is are shield cells based on a percentage or a fixed number of MJ? If the latter is true, then the more Boosters you use, the less effective even the best Shield Cells will become.