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The Type-10 Defender reviewed

There was a lot of speculation and a couple of leaks prior to the ship being activated in the game, but now it's here and I have all the details on the newest ship in the Elite: Dangerous shipyard.

What has become clear is that the data-mined information leak was more accurate, or at least less misleading that the XBOX video leak. For example, the stock ship does cost 124,755,342 CR, but the power plant is NOT Class 6 it is Class 8 but comes with the 1750CR Class 6E Power plant fitted instead of a 1,750,00CR Class 8E Power plant (those cheapskates at Lakon!). The FSD supplied is a 6E, but the slot is a Class 7. These made the specifications that appeared in the video a red herring.

So here are the speculation-free 100% accurate, taken-from-the-ship, specifications of the Type-10 Defender.

  Type-10 Defender Type-9 Heavy

Top speed



Boost speed






FSD Range laden

5.67 Ly


FSD Range unladen

6.87 Ly








Hull mass



Cargo Capacity




2 Small

2 Small


3 Medium

3 Medium


4 Large


Utility slots



Optional internal

Class 8: 7E Cargo rack

Class 8: 7E Cargo rack


Class 7: 6E Cargo rack

Class 7: 6E Cargo rack


Class 6: 6E Shield Generator

Class 6: 6E Shield Generator


Class 5: 4E Cargo rack

Class 5: 4E Cargo rack


Class 4: 3E Cargo rack

Class 4: 3E Cargo rack


Class 4: Empty

Class 4: Empty


Class 3: 2E Cargo rack

Class 3: 2E Cargo rack


Class 3: Empty

Class 3: Empty

  Class 2: 1E Basic discovery scanner Class 2: 1E Basic discovery scanner
  Class 5: Military slot



Class 5: Military slot



1I Planetary approach suite

1I Planetary approach suite

Core Internal

1C Lightweight alloys

1C Lightweight alloys


Class 8: 6E Power Plant

6E Power Plant


Class 7: 7E Thrusters

7E Thrusters


Class 7: 6E Frame shift drive

6E Frame shift drive


Class 5: 5E Life support

5E Life support


Class 6: 6E Power distributor

6E Power distributor


Class 5: 4E Sensors

4E Sensors


Class 6: 6C Fuel tank

6C Fuel tank


The ship is a shaved-down Type-9, but the spolier and folding wing-tips, along with the abundant engine ports, make this ship look very "race tuned".  It is not going to win any beauty contests, but it reminds me very much of the old Thunderbird 2 International Rescue craft, with it's massive size and stubby bulk and huge engines.


With nine hardpoints, this ship has a lot of sustainable firepower. Lacking any huge hard-points it is designed to be able to "tough it out" for a long battle, making this an ideal PvE combat ship and most especially one that can take the pounding dished out by Thargoids.

The two Class 1 (small) hard-points are located on the front of the ship either side of the cockpit.

There are then two Class 2 (medium) and two Class 3 (large) hard-points located on the top edge of the ship with the medium hard-point leading.

Then there are two Class 3 (large) hard-points on the underside off the outer engine bulkheads and a single Class 2 (medium) hard-point on the underside off the ship's belly, dead-centre.

In the screen shot above, you can see the Ship Launched Fighter bay lit at the dead-centre of the ship' rear underside.

Handling and speed

With Class 7 Thrusters, same as the Type-9 and more weight, you'd expect this thing to handle like a brick in a pool of treacle, but you'd be wrong! While it isn't going to fly like an Eagle, it turns about the same as an Anaconda with D rated Thrusters. Given a Grade 5 Dirty Drive tuning, it handles even better.

The stock speed is 179m/s, but even with over 3,000 armour on mine, with the dirty drives it cruises at 230m/s and boosts to 280m/s.

The all-important jump range

With a Class 7A FrameShift Drive fitted the ship has a fairly respectable 18.6Ly range fully loaded with armour and module reinforcement. However, a grade 5 engineer upgrade took my jump range to 24ly, which meant when jumping down from Shinrata Dezra to Maia, my ship made 22 jumps, while my wingmate in a maxed-out and engineered Fer-De-Lance took more than 30 jumps with his max range of 16ly.

For such a massive ship, this beast is more comparible with the Cutter in firepower and jump range - certainly my Corvette would not keep up with it.

Does it do what it was built for?

In the name of science, not fun (honest!), we took some Type-10's out to HIP 17694 and attacked a Cyclops Thargoid and despite our ineptitude, we were victorious!

It took two tries and on the first, I got destroyed! But when you enjoy losing 17M CR in rebuy, then you know Frontier have got it right.

I’ve seen stations on fire off the shoulder of the Pleiades

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been attacked by Thargoids – the alien insect race with bio-mechanical spacecraft – who’ve been probing us, building planet bases and destroying ships around the Pleiades sector for months.

Now, they’ve gone a step further and attacked three stations

  • Oracle station in Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55
  • Titan’s Daughter in Taygeta
  • Liman Legacy in HIP 16753

The stations are in a bit of a state.

Frontier released a video (sadly on YouTube and not in the game) which shows news reports and panic as people on the stations are needing to be evacuated. It’s a cool video and sets up the atmosphere of a system under attack.

So what can you do?

Not many commanders have the money or resources to pimp out a full anti-xeno ship (although CMDR Gluttony Fang has written an excellent post on the forums on how to do exactly this) which means your war-effort must be offered in other ways.

Rescuing the poor people on these stations and ferrying them to the rescue ships is something non-combat commanders can do. You will need to equip your ship first.

  • Heat-sinks - the damaged stations are very hot because of fires and the failure of the heat dispersal systems.
  • Passenger cabins - economy class cabins of any size! Store those cargo racks and armour, then fit some rescue seats!
  • A fuel scoop - it's a long trip from the bubble and you're not going to help anyone if you run out of fuel and need rescuing yourself.

With your ship fitted out, you'll need to jump down to the Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 system (which is the nearest to the bubble). You can see all the stations damaged or under repair in the galaxy map. Go to the last TAB and look at the bottom of the list. Frontier have sneakily added two new options, "Show Damaged Starports" and "Show Repairing Starports".

I suspect we're going to see a lot of these on our galaxy map SoonTM. Why?

Big bad just got bigger

CMDR CookieJarviz posted this image of the newly encountered "Medusa" class Thargoid ship (Threat level 7). Walk away. Slowly...

CMDR Alan Marchman posted an amazing photo of one on Reddit. Needless to say, you don't want to get THAT close!

Fly safe out there commanders, because we're not alone!

Revised Coriolis Blueprint

I've made adjustments to scale since initial measurements were not accurate enough and I have also added the inner cylinder.

The two versions are now linked on the original BluePrint post here: http://www.elite-dangerous-blog.co.uk/post/Elite-Dangerous-Ship-Blueprints-23-Update

Following a request from CMDR Andrew Indelicate from Facebook's Mobius PvE page, I've stuck a Beluga Liner in the access corridor - CMDR Vincent Chu demonstrated that the Beluga's folding tail makes little or no difference to the overall height when the landing gear comes down.

My original assertion that the station was over 3km across was incorrect and the figure is a little over 2km, which makes it more or less as wide as the Farragut (which I have also recently redrawn). The pads in the cylinder are red for large, orange for medium and cyan for small. The diameter of the cylinder should be very accurate, but the length is an approximation based on the depth of the access corridor.