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Making a Remlok Space Helmet - Part 8

Part 8 - Shiny

After a long break, I was in a position to purchase a volume of clear resin to resume printing the Remlock visor. In the interim I had managed to sand and polish the left half I had, to successfully make it optically clear. Not perfect, but good enough for cosplay.

Yesterday I set the right-front half printing and it ran overnight.

By the time I got up this morning, it had finished and unlike the last attempt that ran out of resin, this one was perfect.

I washed it in isopropanol alcohol and cured it under UV lamps after removing all the supports. Then I set it on the other parts to check the size was okay. One of my cat co-pilots (Charlie) approved.

You can see the difference between the polished section and the newly printed half. I now need to resin-weld the two halves together. This is done with a brush dipped in resin and a UV torch. I plan to do the sanding and polishing first, then weld the parts.

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