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Mounting my trophies

Since I obtained my 3D printer, I have periodically printed one or two Elite: Dangerous ships out. Sticking with the scale 1:1000 (1mm = 1m) it has made the size of the ships really stand out.

If you compare the Type-9 Heavy with the Sidewinder the size difference is astounding; what's more, the Sidewinder carries an SRV which is itself, the size of a Range Rover!


As my 3D fleet began to assemble, I gave some thought to where to store and/or display them. Glass cabinet with them all painted gold? Hung from the ceiling on fishing line? Big shelves? None of these options really appealed. 

As part of the 3D printing process, the models are hollow and have a "drain hole" in the bottom to let excess resin drain out during the washing stage. My idea was to create a display stand that plugged into this hole. That idea didn't go so well, as a stand per model meant a pretty large shelf. As you can see in the photo above, even jammed together the ships I've printed already cover a 2m window ledge.

Then I thought "Why not mount them on a blueprint?", so I tiled (printed across multiple pages) an old CorelDRAW size chart out to see how it would look.

Not too shabby, but this poster was out of date. Also, I don't have room for too many A0 posters in my study. I was loath to glue my models to a poster as I might want to play with them after all!

Instead, I found what I hope is a better solution. Small Neodymium magnets that can be glued into the drain holes of the models, a poster printed at A3 with one poster per ship manufacturer, with an adhesive magnetic sheet stuck to the back.


I have hammered out a design I am happy with, which just leaves getting the posters all done, sent off to be printed, adding the magnetic backing and fixing magnets to the ships.

Then as I finish printing the remaining ships, I just need to add a magnet and stick them out. 



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  • T'kael

    4/19/2021 11:41:38 PM |

    Very cool! Note: your Lakon poster has two Chieftains?

    • CMDR Arithon

      7/21/2021 9:39:32 AM |

      I fixed them for the final version. Thanks.

  • CMDR Aeldwulf

    5/29/2021 9:23:01 PM |

    I am currently printing all the ships as well. I need to find a way to 'extract' the fleet carriers. I am printing 1000:1 scale so I could only imagine how many pieces I have to print separately haha. I love that poster and would love a copy if you don't mind sharing? It does need some updating with the fleet ships etc on it.

    • CMDR Arithon

      7/21/2021 9:42:04 AM |

      Hi CMDR, I got all my models from Thingiverse.com - I have no idea how to extract them as you put it. I've never seen models of anything larger than the capital ships - fleet carriers, stations and mega-ships just don't seem to be available.
      I looked at printing a Majestic Interdictor and it would (at this scale) be 85 full plate prints and cost around £950 in resin.

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