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Making a Remlok Space Helmet - Part 7

Part 7 - mirror mirror! Seven years bad luck?

Last night I sliced the rear dome in 3D Builder and added pin holes for alignment. Then I loaded up Lychee slicer and made a print file for the left side and set it printing.

This morning, I took the print off the print bed and found a problem. It had printed the right side.

Assuming I was just an idiot I rechecked the model and Lychee, both showed left-hand models, but the print icon showed (clearly) a 3D model that was the right side. It looks like a bug in Lychee that any model mirrored in the application is printed back in it's original orientation.

In the meantime I popped the rear-right half dome onto the rest of the helmet and just propped it up to see how it will look.

The front-right visor (I checked three times before hitting print) is now started. See you in 12 hours or so...

Amazon delivered the higher grit sandpaper, so I have got busy after supper this evening and it it looking reasonably clear. Obviously I haven't done the entire section and there are three other sections to sand and two that haven't printed yet. Lots to do!

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