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Making a Remlok Space Helmet - Part 6

Part 6 - Can you see?

Wednesday morning after feeding the kittens, I checked on the print. It looked awesome.

However once washed and cured, the visor had become a little cloudy. This is caused by oxygenation of the resin. Over exposure to UV also caused yellowing. So there are a number of problems to address. One suggestion is to add a little blue dye to the resin to prevent yellowing. The suggestion of curing the model under water to reduce oxygenation is impractical as the visor part is way too big for any container I have and none would fit in the curing station either.
Anyway, the (now proven) method is to repeat sand and polish the resin to a clear finish. I have ordered some various grade of sandpaper and some turtlewax polish compound, so that will be my next step. Currently it's a case of cloudy with chance of RemLok!

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