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Elite ship sizes

sm_ship_sizes I took the original graphic and added (most) of the ships.

Then spotted the Adder was missing, so added that.

For the last revision I've added in Imperial Courier.
1.2 promises two new ships. Which of the green ones do you think it'll be?

Click on the image below to see the full size version

Elite: Dangerous Ship Sizes

Dead Men Walking (dMw)

dmw-logoHi Folks,

Dead Men Walking is a long-established multi-gaming community with an excellent reputation for fair play, mature attitude and teamwork. Our continuing mission is to provide a home for gamers who recognise that achieving success as a team is far more rewarding than racking up individual scores.

Still reading? Excellent! First jump point successfully negotiated.

Our Alliance within Elite: Dangerous is looking for new pilots to help us grow and to further reinforce our reputation gained in the other games we have supported over the years. We currently have around 30 commanders and hope to grow with the addition of like-minded gamers.

Your skill as a pilot is unimportant to us, your willingness to put your team before yourself is what matters. Whilst the less honourable professions in the Galaxy are not encouraged, we do understand that it's all about about having fun and occasionally a Commander does enjoy a good fight. Just be prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions!

DMW will have divisions within the Alliance for many types of gamer (our focus will be on the coop elements of the game, but not to the exclusion of other play styles), for example:

Security - escort duty, contract (legal) work, intelligence, asset defence etc

Economic Resources - fuel, mining, trading

Transport - hauling or escorting, fine-tuning jump routes, moving cargo etc

Exploration - encompassing exploration, SAR, salvaging, system/asset discovery

Basically whatever the good people in Frontier may offer up to the hard working pilot of the 31st Century!

Exploration will be a key activity for us, it will lead us to new systems and ultimately will feed the activity of the other divisions. Membership of a division will not be mandatory and will not have 'minimum playing hours or commitments', it's about you opting to join in with your buddies doing something that's fun, when your schedule allows.

Since 1996 DMW members have played a variety of different games together in this way. We make extensive use of TeamSpeak and, where it is possible, we also provide our own gaming servers. We also organise regular social events such as LAN parties. Whilst our largest contingent is based in the UK, we have members from across the whole of Europe and beyond.

We value friendship, fun and teamwork in an atmosphere of mature mutual respect. As such our members are typically 18+ yrs, so if you are significantly younger then you are welcome but please be aware that you'll need to fit in with our mature membership. If you get on well with our existing members then you'll have found a great social home for your gaming experience.

We have absolutely no desire to be a major force within galaxy so if you're looking for an Alliance full of pilots who share a badge but have no idea who each other are than I'm sure you'll have no problem locating one, but it won't be us!

Our active forum is a great place to learn more about us and, specifically, what we aim to achieve within our games.

If you like what you see and you think you'd like to be part of this great little community or if you'd like a bit more information then please post a 'Hi' in our forum or reply here.

Our website: http://www.deadmen.co.uk

Our forum: http://www.deadmen.co.uk/forum/forum.php

See you around. Have fun, wherever you are in the Galaxy!
Commander Albert

Setting and saving custom HUD colours

It is possible in Elite: Dangerous change your Heads Up Display colours.

With 1.1 these are dynamically lit, which makes them look even better. However, prior to 1.1, if the game was updated your custom colours were wiped when the GraphicsConfiguration.xml file was replaced. In 1.1 there is now an XML file where you can "bake in" your custom settings.

\Users\<yourname>\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Graphics\GraphicsConfigurationOverride.xml


Taking whatever HUD colours you make for yourself using the HUD colour editor, pop the settings into the file like so:-

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<MatrixRed> 0.25, 0.15, 0.6 </MatrixRed>
<MatrixGreen> 0, 1, 0 </MatrixGreen>
<MatrixBlue> 0.4, 0.6, 0 </MatrixBlue>


Whenever you get updates now, your preferred HUD colour scheme will remain intact.
Coloured HUD

This is especially useful for me, because unless my HUD is green, the text is much harder to read.

Information on new ship leaked

The new ship will be called the Vulture.

The ship is shown next to it's stable-mate the Eagle, bottom left.

As you can see, it's larger than the Cobra Mk III and is classed as "a heavy fighter" armed on a par with a Python or Clipper.


As the bird name suggests it's probably a Core Dynamics ship, like the Eagle.

Mike Evans (Frontier Developer) mentioned that the Vulture would be THE heavy fighter ship (very good at flying and fighting, pretty much bad at anything else).

Specification confirmed by Mike Evans that has dribbled out via forum comments:-

  • 2 x Large Weapon Hardpoints
  • 4 x Util slots
  • Class 4 Power Plant
  • Class 5 FSD Drive
  • Class 3 Life Support
  • Class 5 Power Distributor
  • Class 4 Sensors
  • Class 3 Fuel Tank
  • 2 x Class 1 slot (empty by default)
  • 1 x Class 2 slot (empty by default)
  • 1 x Class 4 (Class 3 Cargo Rack by default)
  • 1 x Class 5 (Shield Generator by default)

In terms of speed, acceleration & manoeuvrability it will be similar to an Eagle, not as fast but more consistent across pip levels.

Elite 1.06 Released with news of 1.1

News of 1.1 here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=103141

A quick Summary

  • Planet rendering improved - layers for depth (cloud, lights at night, land masses) the layers actually speed up rendering.
  • Community goal missions - supply food and collect bounty to restore order to a system in anarchy.
  • Decals for Pilots Federation ranks – these will be available as you attain ranks.
  • As part of this change support for the Founders level decal - The Founders decal hasn't been released yet but will be the Pilots Federation logo.
  • Kickstarter decal for the £5 reward tier or above is a ringed planet.
  • The "Day 1" decal may in fact be the Skull "Mercenary Decal".
  • Disappearing holograms on landing pads fixed.
  • API Support for 3rd party applications.
  • Stories and events supplied to FD will be included in Galnet.

French Invasion of LAVE

As you may or may not know, there are different language sections of the forums on Frontier's website.

The French contingent has decided to claim LAVE for themselves and make it French territorial space.

It was bound to happen.

See this forum thread for details: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=102626

In other news, Frontier's sales figures show they've sold 300,000+ copies of Elite since launch. While that doesn't sound like COD numbers, that's the same number of users Eve took six years to acquire, or one third of the total "Alien: Isolation" sales (1M) across four platforms in four months. Not too shabby.

Got this email and had a heart attack

Hello Commander,

We believe your account has taken advantage of exploits in the game and as such we have removed credits (and assets where appropriate) from your Commander.

If you believe this to be in error, please create a ticket at; https://support.elitedangerous.com under the category of “Exploit” (please do not reply to this email) – we will then investigate further into your account.

Kind Regards

The Frontier Team

Logged in just now and I still have my HARD EARNED cash and ship, having never seen an exploit, much less used one!

I then have to ask myself, what on Earth are Frontier doing? Was this sent instead of the Newsletter by mistake? Did they drink too much over Christmas?

No stats wipe before release

Confirmed as of 8th December!

Good news. We get to keep our lovely money after release!

Originall posted by Edward Lewis:-

Hi guys,

This is just a quick update to confirm that there won't be a wipe at launch.

Any questions (I'm sure you've got 'em ;) ) put them in the thread below, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Something for the weekend

After getting my Lakon type-6, I racked up cash quite quickly, so I blew 1.5M CR on my "Weekend ride" a Viper with some personal touches..

All the internals are class A except the thrusters - need another 550K to upgrade them and I have my eye on some 500K gimballed D2 beam lasers, but she's a beast in combat. I was interdicted on Sunday by a Anaconda (Dangerous) and took it down on my own. Got down to 34% hull, but the 63K bounty was worth the effort. I think I have the bullet cost/bounty ratio about right.

Viper Mk 3 with Union Jack paintjob

Frame shift driver interdictor, Frame shift wake scanner, Warrant scanner, 2 x E1 gimballed beam lasers and 2 x F2 Multi-cannons.

Class A power generator, power distributor and Frame Shift Drive give me 13.44Lyr range - this'll go up a little when I get the A thrusters as they're lighter.

Obviously I still have the Lakon Type-6 and swap back for trading. Home base is LHS 3295.

Gamma 1.05 is live

Interested in the "user presence" fix - what can we see of each other in/out of super-cruise now?

Hi everyone,

Gamma 1.05 is now live. The change log is as follows:

Crash Fixes
- Fix for crash seen during processing of the render queue

Tweaks and general fixes
- Fix for sudden Starport rotation jumps
- Fix for game time getting out of sync between clients
- Fix for multiple stars having same system address
- Fix for not being able to purchase ships even when player has enough money tied up in their current ship to part exchange
- Added resource loading failure reports
- Added telemetry to help investigate why resource overlays sometimes get into a dead state

Server updates
- Players should once again be eligible for their own stock allocation of rare goods instead of sharing one with everybody shopping at that Station
- Outfitting shops throughout inhabited space should now stock a greater variety of internal modules
- Start creating news articles when minor factions change state in response to Commanders' actions and inactions.
- Minor improvements to server reliability, user presence and matchmaking