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Rusty boat

Rusty boat

After nearly five months of not being able to play the game, I managed to dust off my exploration ship, The Ozymandias, and headed out into the black to see the Mega-Ships that were added to the game since I last played.

Jumping onto the Oculus rift with my newly returned-under-warranty GTX 1080 after so long was a "holy crap" moment.

My exploration vessel has a a ship launched fighter and that is the best way by far to get "up close and personal" with the mega-ships!

I am planning to visit these ships and document their location here. If you know of any I haven't visited, please post their locations so I can update the list! Because the mega ships are located up to 12,000 light years away from the heart of the bubble, some will take a while to get to, so the article will expand over the coming week or so. I'm hoping to get a Dolphin Blueprint underway too if I get time.

I would like to say thanks to the guys of Dead Men Walking who have been very supportive in the last few months offering hardware support as well as moral support. Thanks.