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Why no updates?

For the last few weeks I've been working on the ship blueprints to the exclusion of all else (pretty much). Corrections to the French editions today and finishing the German versions now I have more translations is keeping me busy and I may also have corrections to do to the Spanish editions as well, so the task is ongoing.

I bought CorelDRAW X8 with some birthday money, so the documents are being merged into single files with language layers.

What else?

In game, I made the trip out to the Formidine Rift and carried out some exploration towards the Community Goal. When I got back to the bubble last week, I took my Corvette out bounty hunting and let of some steam with my ship launched fighter using matching ship skins and weapon colours!

This week I have been running missions for the various factions at Jameson Memorial in Shinrarta Dezhra to raise my reputation to "allied" across the board, the reason being you only get the juicy passenger missions from factions your allied with. Since my ships are mostly parked at Jameson, it made sense to get all popular at my home base, so I can set out with my Beluga (it has blue paint, so does that make it a Blue-luga?) and get a few high-paying trips under my belt.

In other news...

Ah yes, also Frontier have just announced Elite: Dangerous for the PlayStation 4. So welcome to the Galaxy PlayStation gamers, we look forward to seeing you out there!

CMDR Cosmo on the Frontier Forums pointed out the following items of interest in the trailer:

- 0:08 the player character stands in the ship at 0:08. Spacelegs confirmed?
- 0:15 Asteroid base
- 0:46 New Capital Ship, maybe a Generation Ship
- 1:27 multi-crew with faces and rank customization on the spacesuit.

Full set of Elite:Dangerous ship blueprints

I started this in October and maybe I bit of more than I could chew, but the work has been worth the effort. I have spent countless lunch-hours and many an evening working on these, updating them and getting them translated. I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks to CMDR Aidan Abacus & the CMDRs of www.elitedangerous.de for German translations.

Thanks to CMDR Nicou, CMDR Aymerix & CMDR Duita Rider of www.elite-dangerous.fr for French translations.

Thanks to CMDR Nyra, with the help of CMDR Kimanuel and CMDR XPi2, from Corsarios de Heimdal for Spanish translations.

Craft Manufacturer 1920x1080 4096x2305
Scarab SRV Vodel
F63 Condor Federal Fighter Core Dynamics
GU-97 Imperial fighter Gutamaya
Taipan Independent Fighter Lakon Spaceways
Sidewinder Faulcon DeLacy
Eagle Mk II Core Dynamics
Hauler Zorgon Peterson
Adder Zorgon Peterson
Imperial Eagle Gutamaya
Viper MK III Faulcon DeLacy
Cobra Mk III Faulcon DeLacy
Viper Mk IV Faulcon DeLacy
Diamondback Scout Lakon Spaceways
Cobra Mk IV Faulcon DeLacy
Type 6 Transporter Lakon Spaceways
Diamondback Explorer Lakon Spaceways
Imperial Courier Gutamaya
Keelback Lakon Spaceways
Asp Scout Lakon Spaceways
Vulture Core Dynamics
Asp Explorer Lakon Spaceways
Federal Dropship Core Dynamics
Type 7 Transporter Lakon Spaceways
Federal Assault Ship Core Dynamics
Imperial Clipper Gutamaya
Federal Gunship Core Dynamics
Orca Saud Kruger
Fer De Lance Zorgon Peterson
Python Faulcon DeLacy
Type 9 Heavy Lakon Spaceways
Beluga Liner Saud Kruger
Anaconda Faulcon DeLacy
Federal Corvette Core Dynamics
Imperial Cutter Gutamaya
Majestic Class Interdictor Gutamaya
Farragut Battle Cruiser Core Dynamics

Nav Beacon Blueprint

Just for fun, I've drawn up a blueprint for the Nav Beacon. Who makes them? We don't know. Do they have any intresting statistics? Also a blank. But we do know they seem to be indestructible and yet wash up on planet surfaces looking pretty beat up, so what does that? Again with the not knowing...

Imperial Cutter blueprint

This is the blueprint for the Gutamaya Imperial Cutter.

This ship requires the Imperial Navy rank of Duke for a player to purchase it in the game.

First introduced in version 1.5 Ships expansion.

Federal Corvette blueprint

This is the blueprint for the Core Dynamics Federal Corvette. The superheavy fighter and armed to the teeth, it's the ship you don't want to find on your tail. Also available in black.

This ship requires the Federal Navy rank of Rear Admiral for a player to purchase it in the game.

First introduced in version 1.5 Ships expansion.

Anaconda blueprint

This is the blueprint for the Faulcon DeLacy Anaconda. Excellent trader, handy in a fight and if the loadout is right, the longest range exploration ship you can own.

First introduced in version 0.1 Alpha 4.

Type 9 Heavy blueprint

This is the bluprint for the Lakon Spaceways Type-9 Heavy. The only ship with a manoeuvrability rating of zero, the super-size freighter and foremost mining ship, the Type-9 is the cow of space.

First introduced in version 0.1 Alpha 4.

Python blueprint

This is the blueprint for the Faulcon DeLacy Python. My personal favourite. Tough, flexible and capable. The perfect ship, can go anywhere, good jump range, loads of cargo space and handles ships way above it's weight class.

First introduced in version 0.1 Beta 3.