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The Six Million Credit Man

sleepingOr… How I crashed my Anaconda.

Over the weekend I had been doing a mix of Wing trading with other members of dMw getting lots of trade dividends and spending some time shooting ships at Lugh, racking up credits with the “The Spear of Lugh” community goal.


I had bought an upgrade to my Python (Class 5B thrusters) which hit my bank account by 5 million credits, so with the bank balance at 8 million, I needed to do some trading to bring my account back to the 12 million mark, so I would have twice my Anaconda re-buy value.

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday I went from 8M CR to about 16.5M CR, which was great, because with the mixture of combat and trading I was doing, nothing was too repetitive and it only took a few hours on the day.

Sunday evening, everyone else had logged off and I was a bit tired, but I had a 600CR fine at a station around 50Lyr away, so I set sail for “one last trip” to go and pay the fine.

Leaving the station at Gliese 868 I was on too high a throttle setting and realised it too late I also had upward momentum!  Frantic use of thrusters failed to arrest my collision with the edge of the station exit and boom! No more Anaconda and six million credits then left my account to re-buy the ship (thankfully with no cargo on board).


So, the moral of the story is always have your insurance, but if you don’t want to NEED it, don’t fly tired; you make mistakes. Really costly ones.

Who wants to be a millionaire

wings_logoI was watching MaxUrsa's twitch stream last night in combat with his wing and I thought to myself "that looks like fun". So I took my Fer-de-lance into the same system, and found my way to a resource extraction site. When I exited super cruise I found there were a lot more NPCs than there used to be in 1.1; there were dozens more than I could count, so I had no trouble finding wanted ones to shoot.

Before long I was engaged in combat with an Anaconda, but luckily it was already busy shooting somebody else, so I had no trouble taking down his shields, and with my B4 Canon destroying its hull.


Soon a group of federal ships and joined me and were attacking the wanted ships around me, even a federal Anaconda had joined the fight!


Small ships like sidewinders and cobras are fairly easy to take down in the Fer-de-Lance, so I concentrated on Pythons, Asps and Anacondas. After around 20 minutes I realised my bounty amounted to in excess of a million credits. Time flies when you're having fun!


Got this email and had a heart attack

Hello Commander,

We believe your account has taken advantage of exploits in the game and as such we have removed credits (and assets where appropriate) from your Commander.

If you believe this to be in error, please create a ticket at; https://support.elitedangerous.com under the category of “Exploit” (please do not reply to this email) – we will then investigate further into your account.

Kind Regards

The Frontier Team

Logged in just now and I still have my HARD EARNED cash and ship, having never seen an exploit, much less used one!

I then have to ask myself, what on Earth are Frontier doing? Was this sent instead of the Newsletter by mistake? Did they drink too much over Christmas?

Something for the weekend

After getting my Lakon type-6, I racked up cash quite quickly, so I blew 1.5M CR on my "Weekend ride" a Viper with some personal touches..

All the internals are class A except the thrusters - need another 550K to upgrade them and I have my eye on some 500K gimballed D2 beam lasers, but she's a beast in combat. I was interdicted on Sunday by a Anaconda (Dangerous) and took it down on my own. Got down to 34% hull, but the 63K bounty was worth the effort. I think I have the bullet cost/bounty ratio about right.

Viper Mk 3 with Union Jack paintjob

Frame shift driver interdictor, Frame shift wake scanner, Warrant scanner, 2 x E1 gimballed beam lasers and 2 x F2 Multi-cannons.

Class A power generator, power distributor and Frame Shift Drive give me 13.44Lyr range - this'll go up a little when I get the A thrusters as they're lighter.

Obviously I still have the Lakon Type-6 and swap back for trading. Home base is LHS 3295.